Saturday, July 23, 2011


Here it is almost 1am and I am sitting in my master bathroom writing this so that I don't wake my husband. I have cried for nearly two hours from fear and remorse. I found out today that because I was terminated, I will not get the nearly six weeks of pay from vacation time that I had anticipated. Now we are do not know how we are going to make it until I start a job and get a steady paycheck. We have until the end of the month to make two car payments and our mortgage. We don't how we we will make all of them. Unless something changes between now and the last day of the month, we will loose something. We are going to pay my car payment and the mortgage. We are turning the car payment to my husband's SUV to God. We are praying to Him to make something happen so that we can keep everything we have through this difficult time.

Today alone I applied for over 50 jobs including fast food, housekeeping, front desk work, jobs in my field, and jobs outside of my field. I immediately got rejections on some jobs, but also got one immediate call back for an interview on Wednesday morning. My husband took a job and starts on Monday, but while he was in his orientation today, he got a call that he got another job. He is seriously considering doing both jobs full time and I am so scared for him. He would work job 1 from 6pm-3am Mon-Fri and the second one from 7am-4pm Mon-Fri. I do not see how that would be physically possible for him. I feel so bad that he is even considering this. I feel that all of this is my fault and that I am worthless because I don't have a job.

In an attempt to try to save our belongings, I am reposting our furniture on craigslist tomorrow morning and we are having a large yard sale next Saturday morning. I have started doing surveys from Opinion Outpost to get some money to help with gasoline and groceries.

I am hoping that God pulls out something amazing for us between now and July 31, 2011. He would be the only person that could save us from this disaster that we created for ourselves. Boy have we ever learned our lesson about fiances and being godly people. Please lift us up in prayers because we need them more than ever.


  1. Call the people who have your car payments and ask then to wait two weeks or a month. Unless you have been late before or are behind now they will not do anything. You have to be 30 days late and then they will say something. You will get a job, I know you will. Also let Hubby do both even if it is for a few weeks, it will help. It will also make him feel like a hero. He could use that right now. You already are a hero as you are not stark raving mad. Your emails make too much sense. i can't believe that a company can keep vacation pay you earned because they terminated you. If you earned the pay, I would check with the state department of labor, this sounds fishy. Especially when you told us they fired several people, it sounds to me like they needed to do cut backs and this was a way to keep them from paying unemployment and benefits. I would seriously find this out.

  2. I live in the State of Indiana but worked in Kentucky. I checked with labor and wage laws in both States. Unfortunately accrued vacation time is considered a "gift or benefit" from your company as vacations are not a State or Federal law. According to the regulations, they do not owe me anything :((

  3. Even if both these jobs are 5 minutes from your home, I don't see how your husband could physically do it. He is going to need to sleep. It just isn't sustainable. I don't know how he would even last a week or two.

    I didn't want to say anything but I worried about this exact thing happening. Our vacation time from my place of employment is lost if we quit or are terminated -- although we get it paid to us on retirement. It isn't something I can count on to be there.

    Now is not the time for pride. You are in an emergency situation. Talk to your church about any help they can offer. Find local support if you need that too. But also be prepared to face the reality of missed payments. Call up your lenders and let them know what is going on and that you may be late this month. Even if they refuse to work with you, you'll just be late this month.

    In the end, it is unlikely that you'll lose the house or cars because of 1-2 months of missed payments. But if you do, they are just things.

    You will make it through this. It is just going to be tough for a while.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this honey - i think you are making the right strides - go over everything in the house & post stuff on craigslist --- it may give you enough to pay a car payment... you will get through this - stick together with dh & help eachother. stay positive (I know - tough for me to say this)

  5. I agree about making phone calls & seeing if anything can be done. I would look into the vacation pay issue... doesn't sound right to me. Hope everything works out for you! Hang in there!!

  6. Stay calm but do not hide your worry from your husband. I agree with Kevin I don't see how your husband could do both jobs without getting seriously ill himself. The human body needs sleep.

    Right now go into survival mode. House payments first. I agree make the phone calls abou the car sand see what happens. Call your church and see if they can help you. Call your local welfare office and see if you qualify for anything, even if its only for a few months.

    Sell what you can. But keep faith in God, your husband and yourself. It's ok to be scared.

    Keep us posted and your in my prayers

  7. first up make a list of all your essential payments and when they are due, then phone the car company and ask for an extension on the payment.
    It feels awful making these calls but most companies WILL be helpful if you let them know before instead of just being late.
    first priority is the four walls:

    have you got a copy of TTMMO? dave has some good worksheets in there for what to do when you just don't have enough to meet the bills that are coming in, it would be great if you can get a copy.

    I would talk to your pastor and ask if the church can help you out, you mentioned tithing, personally I would stop this and donate time instead, you need every cent right now, but thats up to you.

    I think if your husband takes on two jobs it would only work for a while and he'd get very tired, I know people who've done crazy hours like that though, as a short term thing.

    I'd sell the car with the car payment on it and buy and old one asap, that knocks out one payment straight away.

    hang in there! ((hugs))

  8. Thank you all for your suggestions and encouraging words. It all means more than you know.