Sunday, July 17, 2011

Five things

Five things I'm proud of:
  1. Graduating with my bachelor and master degrees in just 4 years while studying abroad in Jamaica for a semester.
  2. My home...even though we are currently upside down in it. I love it, it's cute.
  3. My salvation.
  4. My relationship with my husband.
  5. This is so vain, but my Coach purse from my hubby that was 85% off!
Five things I'm ashamed of:
  1. My job loss.
  2. My debt.
  3. My laziness.
  4. My love of reality TV...hello Big Brother, Wipeout, & Teen Mom
  5. My weight.
Five things I'm actively trying not to care about right now:
  1. The fact that I don't have a job...I'm trying not to care or think about it and put all my faith in God.
  2. I haven't worked out since I lost my job 10 days ago.
  3. My poorly landscaped yard that has been begging for help.
  4. Calories, carbs, sodium, fat...
  5. All the bug bites that are itching like crazy on my legs.

Tell me five things about you!


  1. 1.I am an identical twin
    2.I have two college degrees, software, history.
    3. I am self employed
    4. I love to work outside
    5. I want your coach purse

    p.s. Go out in the back yard after putting bug repellent start cleaning up one small area of the yard. I mean stake out a 5x5 square and fix it. That is all you get to do today. Trust me this will be your calorie burn for the day. Return and report!

  2. Tried your suggestion. Not so bad, but I still feel guilty about the rest of the neglected yard. It'll get there. At least now I can say we've got the area around our front porch cleaned thanks to you!

  3. Believe me you will find out little things about all of us as you read the blogs. Don't feel guilty about losing a job or mistakes you have made along the way. If you find a perfect person here you just point them out to me because I have been waiting my whole life to meet a perfect person :)

    If I could find a coach purse at 85 percent off I would own that baby to!


  4. So tomorrow do another 5x5 foot section. That is all you get to do. Just 25 square feet. Then take the day off. Let me know how it goes. Quit feeling guilty, the weeds don't feel guilty they feel great. You are making their life easy.

  5. I'm working on the whole guilt ridden feelings. It takes time, but I'll get there.