Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick Update

Praises to the Lord! My husband now has a job! He is in orientation today and tomorrow with his official start day on Monday! His new job is about 5 miles from the house and he will be making $1.10 more than he was at his last job and it was 60 miles round trip. So he will be making even more. We will have insurance that begins on Monday with the same insurance company he used to have, but it will be several hundred dollars cheaper than it was before. We are so thankful.

I also got a phone call about 10 minutes ago asking me to come back in again for yet another meeting with managers to discuss a possible schedule for me! It is closer than my previous job was, but it is still 43 miles from my house. It is still better than the 66 miles I was driving. I'm still praying for a job closer to home, though.

In regards to our budget, we still have not eaten out or spent any money since Sunday until today. We had to go to the store to get sugar, a few seasonings, dish liquid, ziplock baggies, scrubbers, and plastic spatulas as our dishwasher has taken a liking to melting them lately. We only spent $9.27. Unfortunately when my hubby gets off work today, he has to pick up dog food as our fur-beasts are out. The dog food will be around $23 :((


  1. Congratulations on the job!! :) I would hand wash your spatulas, etc, from here on in so you're not continually having to replace them. :)