Sunday, July 17, 2011

We baby stepping

I am becoming quick friends with Craigslist. We are former foster parents and as a result we have an excess of bunkbeds and twin beds currently. We aren't planning on using the beds in the near future, so I posted them for sale on that website for extra cash. So far we have an offer on one of the bunkbeds and on a twin bed. Once their checks clear and the moo-la is in our pockets, they will be out of our shed.

Typically when I have yard sale money or even extra cash, the money goes towards fun stuff like new unneeded clothes or shoes. However, this time that money is becoming our emergency fund. It will not fully fund the emergency fund because we will likely only make $600 from the Craigslist sale. At least it's start.

We are also compiling belongings that we do not need or want anymore to put together a yard sale. We have a lot of stuff we don't need and I am praying that we can make at least $400 from it as it will include electronics, furniture, and name brand clothes.

If anyone has any idea how to earn extra money through the Internet, please share the love.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    So sorry to hear you are both in such a difficult position. It's great that you have put your trust in the Lord. That is where your hope must come from!

    On my blog list there are links to some blogs which might be helpful in the internet selling: Minting Nickles and Debt Free by Thirty both come to mind.

    The one thing that helps me keep my mind focused is keeping my Dave Ramsey cd's (from FPU) in my car and constantly rotating the ones I listen too. Hopefully I don't wear them out before I'm debt free! :)

    Walking this journey with you!
    ~Little Lamb

  2. Check out websites like or any sampling/freebie websites. It's not a way to earn extra money but it can help you get buy without buying items like shampoo, certain foods, etc.

  3. Thanks for the great tips, ladies. I'll take any advice I can get.

  4. Hope around to all of the blogs, I have learned more here than anywhere else. Also check Amy D's book out of the library if you don't own it. Her books a little old but there are great suggestions in it.

    Also I found that having a yard sale and marking things as cheap as I could not only made me money but also got it all out of my house. Remember each thing is a learning experience.


  5. What is/are Amy D's books? The only ones I am aware of are by Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman