Friday, July 15, 2011

Here goes nothing!

We have been concerned about our finances and debt for almost a year now, but did not give it the energy that was required. We even went to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Unfortunately we took it right around Christmas, which coupled with the holiday season and work, became too much and we gave up. We continued to slack off until it became too late.

My husband and I both lost our jobs right after Independence Day 2011. We don't have any savings and we are scared, so what time is better than now to finally get it together?!

We have not found jobs yet, but we are hopeful. We have enough funds from vacation time to cover us for 6 weeks. We are praying and leaning on our Heavenly Father to get us through this.

Why do a blog and put everything out there? Well we want to hold ourselves accountable. My husband and I only have each other to hold us accountable, and neither of us are the strongest right now with finances. So we are putting it all out here and hoping this blog will keep us straight.

I'm afraid that due to our job loss, we will become behind on our bills and eventually loose everything we have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am working on compiling our list of debts (God help us!) and there will be a lot of it!!! I will post all of it here.



  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of the personal finance blog!

  2. Welcome you will find everyone is really helpful! I have learned more from everyone here then could have ever learned in a book.


  3. welcome to pf blogging! you'll meet a lot of great people who understand what your going through & will offer support.
    sorry to hear that you have both lost your jobs, that is a really stressful situation ((hugs))but the good thing is you're taking steps to work out a plan.
    my best advice - keep blogging regularly and try and let go of the shame, what has happened can't be changed now, feeling ashamed will just hold you back, forgive yourself and hang in there. :)

    I look forward to following your journey!

  4. Thank you all for the encouragement!

  5. We have the same birthday blog month! congrats