Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grocery Quest

We did something today that we haven't regularly done: a menu and grocery list! We wrote out everything we will need for 30 meals, which is 2 full weeks of groceries. I budgeted $160 and we only spent $132!!! Very excited about it considering we typically spend about $400 a month! We even switched grocery stores in an attempt to save money and it worked quite well.

My husband and I did some more much needed budgeting today and have come to a new conclusion. If I do not find a job within two weeks, I will begin looking outside of my field and into anything that pays. We have figured out that if we both make $9.00 an hour we will have enough income to cover our monthly bills...just not cover the debt! If we can both get jobs making that amount we can hang on until we get better jobs in our fields. It is difficult for me to understand why it is so difficult for me to get a job considering I have two bachelor degrees and a masters degree. Trusting in God...


  1. I have a BS and a M.Ed. And it is so humbling to think that if my current job disappeared (which, for the record is not in my field), I could be making the same as a high school drop out.

    We are bright people...who are now in a rough situation. But knowing that fact is the first step!

    I just started re-reading Dave Ramsey as a motivator. Don't give up! Make a plan, and don't be afraid to admit you need help.

    I found that Lending Club was a good move for us to lower interest rates. ING has been a big help too. Let me know if you need more info.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Mysti! It was needed. Dave is becoming our best friend. With time, we'll all be able to make it!