Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To tithe or not to tithe?

Today was probably the best day I have had since I lost my job. I actually got dressed up in my professional clothes, heels, make-up, jewelery, and did my hair. I had my first professional job interview in front of a board of directors since I lost my job. I forgot how much I loved dressing up and having intelligent conversations. I have had two other interviews since I lost my job, but they were both over the phone, so I don't count those. Out of my fear, I have started to apply for jobs out of my field. I have moved on to jobs in human resources, banking, and retail. I'm not sure if I will even get a response, but I'm thinking with two bachelor degrees and a masters degree it has to account for something.

In more positive news, my hubby was offered a job for a local company and did his drug screen today. He will likely start on Monday, but he has another interview lined up for tomorrow morning and one for tomorrow afternoon in hopes of earning more money. To be safe though, he interviewed for another company that he once interviewed for, but didn't originally get the job because they hired someone with more experience. They offered him an interview because the other guy didn't work out.

Since he and I was both in interviews for so long today (his interview lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes and mine lasted 1 hour 10 minutes) and rewarded ourselves with a fountain drink each from Chuckles. I was hoping to not have a spend day today, but at the same time I am proud that we didn't do what we would have done a few weeks ago, which would have been go out to eat for total of like $60. I was happy with spending only $1.55!!

Today I made a list of all the organizations and businesses that I need to call to inform them about our job losses to see what we can do about our bills. I am praying for mercy from them in this matter.

Question: Since we are still getting checks from our former employers for our accrued vacation times....do we still tithe or do we hold on to that money for dear life??


  1. I am of the opinion that you should hold on to that money. If you tithe right now, you might end up on the steps of the church asking for it back in food and services. Of course, that's my opinion.

    I would also note that if you don't tithe this money right now and you feel called to tithe on ALL your income, you would make this a debt that you need to repay in the future to the kingdom. Once you're out of debt and in a better situation (job-wise) you'll be in a great spot to bless others through giving.

    Right now though, I would focus on the security of your household. And let your church know that you are both out of work and struggling. They are there, partially, for times like these. You are in need. The church and the members of it should be stepping up to help you.

  2. When I was not able to tithe with money I would tithe with time. Now this may or may not work for you, but for me I felt that by helping out at church or with the food cupboard I was still giving of myself.

    Do what you think is necessary. Is there someway to give of time or talent? I won't lie there were weeks when I gave nothing because we had nothing and weeks where I gave 5.00 because we only had 20.00 I think you and your husband need to do what is comfortable for you.

    Guesse I wasnt much help

  3. thats great about your hubby getting a job & you having the interview! good luck

  4. good luck on interviews! That is amazing that you have so many so soon!!!

    i am with judy - do what you think is necessary --- maybe even a $1 --- but you have to take care of you first

  5. Good luck on the interview, and congrats on hubby's maybe job.

    As for tithe...I think that is a personal choice and there isn't a right or wrong answer. If you wouldn't feel comfortable completely not giving, maybe cut back for the moment...$5 instead of $10. Whatever you are comfortable with.

    If you stop giving....and this is just my opinion....I think that the church and God will understand. You need to take care of your family, and I doubt they would want you to give it causes your family to not be able to survive. If you got hit by a bus tomorrow...I still think God would accept you, even if you didn't donate to the church.

  6. I don't think anyone can answer that question but you and your husband. It's a scary place to be in when you don't have a job. But remember the story of the widow and her very last penny...

    Personally when I started my journey on paying back debt that was the first thing I made sure I was being faithful with. And I can't tell you the blessings that have come my way. In fact, I created a blessings tab on my blog so I could remind myself.

    All the best with the job interviews! Looking forward to hearing updates about them!

  7. Just read up on your posts & I'm wishing you both the best with your job searches! As for tithing, I think that's between you as a couple & the big guy. ;) Do what you feel led to do.

  8. Great on hubby's job and your interview. I say tithe! You would deny yourself that blessing? Tithing is a demonstration of faith. I am firm believer in the power of the tithe, I have had the windows of heaven poured out on my financial situation to such an extreme that I am struck dumb. By tithing I literally have gone to the lord and said I did this now I need this. I have NEVER been let down. That is not to say that I won the lottery, but my immediate needs were met, and yours will be also. Trust in him, and he shall direct your path. Good luck!

  9. I think tithing is a deeply personal choice. What I can offer to is to look within yourselves to determine how you would feel if you tithe, and how you would feel if you postpone it for now.

    There are pros and cons for both decisions. Only you can truly determine if you do now or postpone it for a while.

    My only real suggestion is perhaps you could speak to God about it, and see what comes of it.

    Joyous wishes to both of you on your upcoming interviews. You are doing the work you need to be doing now, in whole-heartedly searching for new positions. Keep at it and blessings will arrive.

  10. Thank you all so very much. I don't know what i would do without of you're suggestions and support! We still have not figured out what we are going to do about tithing, but at least we have until Sunday to find a conclusion. Ha.