Wednesday, July 27, 2011

J-O-B please!

Hubby is still working away. He's making it on about 4-5 hours of sleep. Poor guy, he's looking rough, but he's trying to remain strong. He works over at the second job about 15 minutes each day and has to work Saturday 7am-4pm. By the end of the week he will have worked 90+ hours. He continues to state that he will keep up this crazy schedule until I'm working and we have paid off our back taxes and a small loan ($3000), which would mean he would continue to work 2 months past me obtaining a job. I am worried about him.

I had an interview yesterday and one today. The one today blew...big time! I drove 45 minutes to only be interviewed for 5 minutes. During those short 5 minutes, I was told they want to hire an RN instead of a social worker because they are more thorough (whatever!). Why waste my time and money?!?!?

I have another interview tomorrow morning that's a second interview for a position that is strictly on call (yuck), but at least it is a job...hopefully. I also am supposed to have an interview tomorrow afternoon, but here's my problem: It is working in a cafe as a cashier/food prep that pays $8/hour. Is this something that I should even consider because it is a 45 minute drive I am thinking that with gasoline I would only make about $150 every week. Is it even worth it? HELP!

On a semi-positive note, the freeloaders have moved out! Yeah! However, they trashed our home. I spent all day on Monday deep cleaning their bathroom. It was so disgusting that I bawled. They managed to put holes in our walls, break closet doors, knick our furniture, and ruin our carpet. Any advice on how to cheaply clean carpet would be greatly appreciated because I cannot afford a Rug Doctor right now.


  1. Resolve High Traffic works well. Especially if you are willing to get down and scrub it in.

    Good luck on the job front. Why did they interview you if they knew you weren't an RN? Silly....

  2. Hi! New to the PF Blog world and I wanted to say that what kind person would bring you out for an interview if they knew you weren't what they were looking for?! Good luck on finding a job!!!

  3. Do not take the 8$ and hour job that is 45 minutes away. Wait and find something closer. Just the wear and tear on your vehicle and psyche is bad. You need more than that. If it was a mile away okay. I am so bossy. Been around my Mom too long:)

  4. well it's good that those freeloaders are gone, that is a very stressful situation to have been living with on top of the job loss, at least now you can start to reclaim your home and make it cheery and peaceful again.

    I would not take the $8 an hour job if you're going to lose that much in petrol, better to get something closer and in the meantime you'll be there to support your hubby while he's doing those extra hours.