Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly spend total: $1,275.24

This week we spent a lot of moolah! This week my grand total of spending was $1,275.24! This week was the first week of the new year that my hubby and I got paid so we paid a lot of our bills and bought groceries for the first time in a month. I had three days of no spending at all again. It continues to be gasoline that kills me. My high point this week in spending was getting free tickets to see the globetrotters and receiving free sodas there, so no money was spent at all at the event! My low point in spending this week is my meal at Taco Johns…I still wish I would have waited until I got home to eat.

Sunday: Grand total $1
Walgreens $1 on two newspapers (the rest of the total was paid from register rewards)

Monday: NO SPEND!!

Tuesday: NO SPEND!!

Wednesday: Grand total: $1,050.28 (OUCH!)
Gasoline $32.01 for my car and $7.91 at Taco Johns (I unexpectedly got stuck driving two states away transporting a kid & had to stop for dinner finally at 8pm). Paid cell phone & internet bill ($178.74), car payments for both hubby and I ($688), water bill ($48.42) & loan ($95.20).

Thursday: NO SPEND!!

Friday: Grand Total: $93.74
(Weekly couponing trip-includes everything in picture plus 2 gallons of milk not pictured) CVS: 13.51 spent, but I received a $10 CVS gift card and $5.75 in ECB. Walgreens $16.23. Gasoline for me $34.00 and gasoline for my hubby $30.

Saturday: Grand total: $130.22
Went grocery shopping for at least two weeks worth of groceries at Wal-mart $129.15 (used $27.85 worth of coupons). Picked up a huge bottle of bleach at the dollar store $1.07.

I still have another 10 days until payday and we still have plenty of money left in our couponing/grocery budget as well as enough for gasoline. We put our extra money into our savings account for the EF. Tomorrow we will be paying money for a marriage retreat at church and our church’s valentine banquet that follows the weekend marriage retreat (total is $70 for both). Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!


  1. I would say you had a pretty wonderful week!!! I am off to cvs and shoprite tomorrow since Tara goes back to college next week. Enjoy your retreat. Will and I try to go twice a year with our church

  2. You can't drive all day and not eat. Some times you just have to get fast food whether you really want to or not. When your job has you on the go. Good job on the couponing.

  3. MOST of that money spent was on fixed expenses, so I don't think you did too bad overall!! :) You did great with the coupons!

  4. Thanks ladies. I'm always hard on myself and feel super guilty about spending money.

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