Friday, January 13, 2012

It's been one of those weeks

I've been kind of MIA this week. It has been a crazy week and I am glad it's finally over! Monday and Tuesday were completely routine days...well almost. We had an issue at work and I didn't get to leave until almost 7pm, but otherwise no problem.

I got a phone call from a lady at church on Tuesday afternoon (she does council time at church when I'm not there) saying she had to be out of town on Wednesday and wanted to see if I could do council. I said I would, but had a bad feeling about it. When I got home Tuesday, I asked my hubby if he could have a lesson planned for church "just in case" because I had a feeling something was going to come up.

On Wednesday at work we had some problems with a client that escalated into a huge deal and suddenly at 12:15pm we find out we have to transfer her. Myself and my case manager ended up rushing around like idiots until 3:30pm when they arrived home and we whisked her away. My case manager and I were on the road from 3:30pm until 8:30pm and then I still had an hour drive home. I got home after 10pm and totally missed church. Thank God my hubby had planned a lesson!

Thursday we had snow and it took me 2.5 hours to drive home from work because people in Indiana and Kentucky cannot drive in snow. I ended up getting home at like 8pm only to eat, shower, and go to bed. Today the kids had no school because of the few snowflakes that were on the ground so work was chaos. Since I got home I gathered all the information and material and went for my weekly coupon trip. Now I just have to get a grocery list ready for tomorrows trip to the store (Boo!).

My hubby and I received two free tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters for tomorrow afternoon from my company. I've never been and I am really excited to go. Hopefully I can convince him that he does not need to buy anything at the concession stand tomorrow or anything as a souvenir.

I hope everyone has had a better, less stressful week! I've been working on my weekly spend and will have it up [hopefully] by tomorrow night.

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