Monday, January 2, 2012


I spent my last day of organizing my life and it literally took all day...not much else do to while the hubs and nephew played video games all day anyways. The first think I did was make a little caddy for all the loose papers that float around my home. I made a folder for incoming mail to be sorted, papers to be filed, loose or uncut coupons, all the crazy bill envelopes, my folder, my hubby's folder, and original printable forms. On the front of the caddy is the family calendar that matches the information in my Erin Condren planner.

After the caddy was finished, I did our family binder. I made dividers for every category. In the front is a calendar of all activites. The first tab is the bill calendar that shows when every bill is due and how much. It also shows each payday and the amount incoming. The second tab is the bills that are all due and the snowball. The third tab is the budget. It includes budget for the year, each month, birthdays, and christmas. The forth tab is menu planning that has monthly calendar of meals, recipes, groceries in the home currently, and a shopping list. The fifth tab is to do. It has family to do, house to do, and each person has a to do list. The sixth tab is blog. It's for all the wonderful things I find that I want to do or copy, and it has lists for what I'd like to do with my own. The last tab is church. It has a calendar with all the activities in it because we have a lot going on in church and we need it keep it straight. It also has all the info sheets we get about activities and such at church.

When you don't need the binder, it fits nicely in the caddy and the caddy rests on the kitchen counter.


  1. good job!!!! that will help with the debt payoff :)

  2. How nice and organized, you do not want to see a copy of my desk!

  3. That caddy looks very handy. Happy 2012!!