Sunday, January 15, 2012

I love couponing

Just because I'm excited about this I thought I'd share it early.

Today's coupon trip from CVS. I paid $22.42 out of pocket, received $5 ECB and just mailed in a $10 rebate for my Brita technically I will have only paid $12.42 for all this:

That's 12/12 packs of soda, a Brita filter, hand lotion, mascara, and 3 hallmark cards. LOVE IT!!!


  1. You did great. Good job. Wish I could find similar deals for juices. The dratted things are so expensive.

  2. Great shopping trip!! I used to use coupons a lot too but lately we just don't have that many good deals around any more. I wish we would CVS here too...