Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekly spend total: $112.73

We are in for the night and done shopping for the week so I figured I'd post this tonight. I ending up having three days of no spending. The most I spent this week was on gasoline as it always is with me living an hour from my job. We barely purchased any groceries because we still have a massive stockpile in our pantry and deep freezers (I love couponing!).

Sunday 1/1/12 Day total $42.75
Casey’s General Store: Newspapers total $6
CVS: (weekly coupon trip) Purchased 4 Nivea lip care sticks and 6 bottles of Dawn dish liquid (3 for me and 3 for my SIL for this quarter). I paid $5.81 and received $5 ECB.
Thorton’s Gas Station: $30 in gas for hubby and 2 fountain drinks to take to a family dinner total $30.94

Monday 1/2/12
No Spend

Tuesday 1/3/12
No Spend

Wednesday 1/4/12 Day total $30.02
Swifty’s gas station: $30.02 in gas for me.

Thursday 1/5/12
No Spend

Friday 1/6/12 Day total $35
Swifty’s gas station: $35.00

Saturday 1/7/12 Day total $4.96
Walgreens: (weekly coupon trip) Purchased 8 skinny cow ice creams and snack boxes, 4 boxes of Fiber One cereal, 2 boxes of Keebler Club crackers, and 4 cans of Progresso soup. I paid $16.55 and still have $4 register rewards left over. Wal-mart: Returned disfunctional chopper (+14.96) and purchased a half gallon of milk and a package of cheese for the next week. Left me with +11.59 in cash back.


  1. You really had a great week! Congratulations

  2. great first week - keep it up --- like the no spend days :)