Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekend plans

I finally talked to my husband about what happened Monday. Well I actually emailed him so I could get everything out I wanted to while controlling my emotions. He has agreed to sit down with me this weekend to hash everything out. We agreed on a list of areas we need to discuss and they are as follows: Money, budgets, spending, our health, and our future. I'm going to pre-write out everything I want to say to control my emotions because they can get the best of me. I have decided the best thing I could do is let him talk first because he has a history of just going along with whatever I say. So if he says it first my opinions cannot affect his.

In other news, I am extremely happy that it is almost fall because there are exciting things happening. AWANA at my church is kicking off again next Wednesday and I get to lead my kiddos again and do council time with the entire group. College football and NFL is kicking off!! I'm pumped about the Indianapolis Colts and IU Hoosiers. This is my favorite time of the year. The leaves will be changing, my 30th birthday (AHHH) is in a few short weeks, trunk or treat at church is soon so I have to come up with a plan for my trunk again, and our annual Sunday school class has their Halloween 50s party.

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  1. Good Luck. We hold family meetings every month or every 6 weeks. It puts us all on the same page and really helps to make sure everyone is heard.

    keep us posted