Saturday, August 6, 2011

Drum roll, please

Today was the second and final day of my crazy, large yard sale. I had everything set up at 645am and sold until 752am. It began to rain hard. I closed up the yard sale and counted the money. I made $933.90. I went to the doughnut shop (shh, don't tell hubby) and spent $1.15. At 1130am it finally stopped raining and got HOT. Silly me decided to put everything out again. I sold from 1145am-145pm and closed up for good. I boxed up a trunk full of the leftovers and dropped it off at Goodwill. The only items that came back into my house was a laundry basket that wasn't full! I just finally totaled everything up and it came to $1,120.60!!! I am beyond excited. The only things left that we are selling is a complete twin bed for $40 and a metal bunk bed with brand new mattresses for $200. The beds are in our front yard with large signs and we're hoping they'll go this afternoon. They are also posted on Craigslist. I'm heading off to shower and get ready for dinner with my hubby. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight!! I'm pooped.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

<3 Christy