Sunday, August 28, 2011

The money shuffle

Jana at Daily Money Shot invited the blog community to join a game that is a simple and a lot of fun! The Money Shuffle! Here’s what she says about how to play:
The rules are simple. I set my iPod on shuffle and wrote down the first 5 songs (yes, the actual first 5 songs. I didn’t skip if I didn’t like the song) that came up. Then I thought of a financial situation that I was in that was related to the song title but not necessarily the subject matter of the song.
Song 1: Only in America by Brooks & Dunn

Only in America can we be one of the richest countries and at the same time one of most in debt. We have the American dream of graduating college, getting married, buying a home, and having kids. Unfortunately we give no regard for debt like we should.

Song 2: I Believe by Blessid Union of Souls

One of my oldest and favorites. I can remember being 21 and a junior in college driving with my bestie, Amy, to IU on a Saturday night to see these guys on a spur of the moment road trip. How does this relate to finances? Well I drove the 3 hours there and back in my new car and charged it all on [emergency only] credit card. I also charged the cover charge for the bar, my drinks, t-shirt, and a 3am meal on the way home. STUPID!

Song 3: I won't back down by: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Another fave. This song replayed heavily the day of and following the attacks of 9-11. It was my sophomore year of college and I was the assistant manager at a local convenience store. I was at work when the attacks occurred and we had no customers after the attacks. I left work early (1pm ish) to go home and watch the news leaving the cashier alone to man the store. My manager calls me at home at 4:30pm screaming that the gas pumps are backed up more than a mile and need me there now. We were slammed that day until 2am until we ran out of gas. Sometime around 7pm that night we were informed to raise gas prices from 1.02 to 2.81. We still sold out and our register crashed because everyone was charging their gas purchases filing up their every vehicle and gas can they could find.

Song 4: Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin

My absolute favorite contemporary christian song. When this song came out it was around the exact time that I [FINALLY] realized I needed to get right with my finances.We heard this song on K-Love and very soon after the vj began talking about some little guy named Dave Ramsey...

Song 5: Walk Tall by John Mellencamp

My absolute favorite artist. I heart Mellencamp. I cannot possibly tell y'all exactly how much money have spent on this man's CDs, vinyls, concert tickets, t-shirts, books, and artwork. It's embarrassing, but addicted to him. Nonetheless, I will stand tall in my beliefs and I will [hopefully] stand firm in my debt reducing plans. I will look out for those less fortunate and always stand tall for them.

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