Monday, September 12, 2011


We had a very scary morning today. We were awoken a little after 230am this morning by our dogs going crazy with their barking and growling. Unfortunately we did not think anything about it because once we yelled at them to hush they did pretty quickly. My alarm went off at 430am so I got dressed and ready and headed for the kitchen to get my lunch and work stuff together to leave for work. When I went to the kitchen I found the back door half open, I quickly looked around the house but didn't notice anything out of the place. My stupid self didn't think much of it so I gathered my stuff and headed to my car and left for work. About halfway to work I realized that there was a bunch of stuff missing from my car (iphone charger, converter, my makeup, sunglasses, cds, and my ipod. I freaked out and realized that all my car doors were unlocked. I called my sleeping husband and said that I think the house and car were broken into. He said he would check his car and house. He found his car trashed. Apparently they pulled everything from the glove compartment, center console, and storage areas and threw them around his car. He said stuff was missing from his car (my camera & accessories, our sunglasses, car charger, jump box, and his meds) and from our back yard (our copper fire pit). He said that someone had tried to pry our shed doors open, too, but were unsuccessful. I called the police and they were meeting me after work. I met up with an officer I knew after work and he took all my information and checked out our property. He said it was evident that someone pried our back door open and tried to pry the shed open. Apparently they used our alarm clicker to disable my husband's SUV alarm because his keys were at the back door and they pried my car door open leaving a nice dent in the side of my passenger door.

I am scared to be home alone now, but we are prepared in case this happens again. We are adding extra locks to our shed and changing all the locks to our home since on of our spare keys are missing now. We have unlocked our shotgun and shells. They are sitting beside my night stand. We will have to replace all my makeup (the essentials at least), the jump box, and the phone chargers. We found that turning this into the insurance is not going to replace the items due to our deductible and the fact that they are making 3 claims for the break in (my car, my hubby's car, and the home). We are just going to pay for everything from our emergency fund, which unfortunately will wipe it out. Since my birthday is in 2 weeks I'm going to get new sunglasses and cds. We have decided not to replace the ipod since we both have iphones. We aren't certain what to do about my camera because of the cost to replace it ($900). I'm crushed because I lost so many pictures, but there is nothing to be done. We have to move on

**We have since found a bottle of my hubby's pills in floor board of my car and part of one of my car chargers down our alley broken. I also found the serial number for the missing ipod and camera. I turned them into the police and they are checking the pawns.**


  1. We live in an area that has frequent thefts from vehicles. We, of course, didn't know this until our car had been broken into several times. Now, we don't keep anything of value in our vehicles at all.
    Sorry to hear that this will wipe out your Emergency fund, but at least you have the money. What would you have done if no emergency funds were available?

  2. I am so sorry about this, hopefully they will catch the little punks. My purse was stolen last March and they found the kids eventually with finger prints. I am now getting small checks through juvenile court services every month until they pay back the $432.00 there actions cost me.

  3. That really sucks. When I lived at home we had our car broken into. While I was inside reporting my credit cards stolen, my sister spotted the guy and chased him down. She tackled him in our backyard.

    My sister and my mother (both weighing 100lbs when soaking wet) held this guy for 35+ minutes until the cops showed up. I did make it out there after 5-10 minutes to find out what they were shouting about. But I didn't do anything, they had it under control. They only time he broke free was when the police lights actually showed up in the front yard. Then I just threw myself on top of him and he stayed put.

    The newspaper reported that I had caught and held him. I guess it was more believable that a 200+ pound guy took him down and not a teen-aged girl less than half my weight.

    I'm sorry you lost the stuff but at least he didn't make it into your house.