Monday, September 19, 2011

God's plan

Now that hubby has turned in his notice at the second job and informed the day job that he will only be working there, the day job has informed him that there will be big changes for him next week. They will begin training him next week in the office to eventually take over an office and he will officially start for the company on Monday with a full time, insurance eligible position. God definitely had His hand in this one. No way could this have worked out any better for him. He so deserves it, too, for working 85 plus hours a week outside in the elements busting his butt and now he will be working in a temperature controlled room. Thank you, God!


  1. God helps those who help themselves. I have always prayed like it all depended on him and worked like it all depended on me. This usually works, and he has certainly worked hard. Congrats!

  2. "Pray like it all depends on Him and work like it all depends on me" I like that, and it totally applies here!

    What wonderful news Mr.&Mrs.!!! I'm celebrating with you!

  3. I love this post!! And I love Kim's quote just as much! God always provides a way and thankfully he's way smarter than we are! So happy for you and your DH: )