Sunday, September 18, 2011

Exreme couponing & cooking

Last week my company had a class on extreme couponing. I decided to go because I have always been interested in it & have always used coupons. I was never getting anything for free, but I was saving some dough. This class taught me how to organize the coupons, where to shop, when to buy, and how to combine coupons. My hubby and I decided we would give it a try this weekend and it seemed that we did pretty well. We got all the following items for $22:

My favorite purchase by far was the free shirt I scored from Kohls. When we get a pretty good stock pile going, we are going to start donating to our local food bank. I am excited and hope we can do well at this.

In other news, our church is finally offering Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University again. It starts up next Sunday afternoon and we are attending. Yay! My hubby has been on board with the finances and food since we had the talk, which has been wonderful! He is also quitting his second job that is from 6pm-4am. They increased his hours and he has been working from 5:30pm-5am and then going to the other job at 7pm. Crazy. Next Friday is his last night there. His day job has been wonderful for him in working with his exhaustion and schedule. They are starting him on the management track so he can take over an office. We will be super tight on money for a while, but we are putting our faith in God.

Since I lost my job back in July, I really started watching food shows and have been getting more into cooking Here is my latest creation. I surprised my hubby when we came home. When he walked in the door, he said, "mmm, smells like olive garden in here." He loved it! I will continue to make it because it's yummy and cheap to make. Sorry for the picture quality. There from my cell phone.

I put olive oil and a little butter into a hot, hot pan and then added cubed chicken to brown it along with my homemade cajun seasoning. Cut up purple onion, red peppers, and green peppers. Put them in the pan with more cajun seasoning once the chicken was cooked and removed. Once the veggies were done, I removed them. Keeping the pan on high, I added a little homemade chicken stock, cooking sherry, and whipping cream. I let it thicken and then added more cajun seasoning. Once it was thickened, I tossed the chicken and veggies back into combine. When everything was coated, I added the noodles and more seasoning. When I plated the pasta, I added fresh parsley. YUM!


  1. that looks delish and not expensive to make at all! I think I might try it this week myself since I have everything you used.

    Great job with the coupons


  2. Your chicken dish looks delicious, very colorful too! Great job. But I respectfully have to disagree about the extreme couponing. The majority of your purchase is refined sugar (cases of soda and bags of candy), also is that 9 deodorants? Who needs 9? Better to spend $22 on fresh vegies/fruits. The extreme couponers on TV have a hoarding problem, some are just very organized; but it's still hoarding. Consider how much time you spent collecting and organizing coupons. If you get paid $25/hr at work and spent 1 hr couponing, to spend $22 then you really have spent $47. I'm not saying never use coupons, but it's not always a true savings.

  3. The chicken dish looks lovely! I wish we had coupons here in Aus!! I think if you coupon wisely on things you use, then it can save a lot of money. I'd get the nine deodorants, they'll get used eventually.

  4. I think if the couponing gets you items you need, or would buy, or will use eventually anyway, then it's worth your time. I've heard of people going to extremes, like buying hundreds of dollars worth of vitamins to get the air-miles to go on a trip. Yes, you get your trip for considerably cheaper, but then you've a) cleaned out the store of the on-sale item and b) you're left with more of it than anyone could ever possibly use! (hence the donating?)

    Zoe has a point, but I think you're reasonable-minded folk, and if it's working for you, then good on ya!

    Also, that chicken dish looks AWESOME! Cooking is a GREAT outlet for creativity!

  5. YUM!

    Great job with the coupons! It looks like you have all of your Halloween candy!

  6. @Judy: You should try it, it's yummy. We used garden infused whole wheat pasta and it really brought out the flavors of the onions & peppers.

    @Zoe: The candies and soda that we purchased are being donated to our church for the annual Trunk or Treat that serves over 300 kids each Halloween. The extra deodorants are shared with our family members so they do not go to waster. We are not hoarders and are very far from it.

    @Louise & Sharon: Thank you!

    @Taylor: We only purchase items we will use or donate that are free or nearly free. We are big on donating to the less fortunate. You should try the chicken dish, it's very tasty and easy to make.