My 101 in 1001

Start date for this challenge is Monday, July 19, 2010 and the end date is Monday, April 15, 2013.

1. Clean out my closet and donate the items to charity.
2. Find a hobby and stick with for at least six months.
3. Go to a county I have never been to before.
4. Transfer my passport to my married name.
5. Buy a newer car.
6. Read at least 1 good book per month.
7. Study for LCSW exam at least six months prior to exam.
8. Go to Sunday morning and evening service every weekend possible.9. Start having a quiet prayer time daily.
10. Get involved in my Sunday School class.
11. Watch a sunrise.
12. Read the Bible, cover to cover again.
13. Donate 10,000 grains of rice through (12200/10,000)
14. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru.
15. Go on a road trip.
16. Volunteer locally.
17. Make a meal for a family that has had a loss or had a baby.
18. Work out at least five times a week until I reach my goal weight; three times a week afterwards.
19. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
20. Wash my face every night for a month. (0/30)
21. Start using coupons.
22. Make a realistic budget for our household that we can follow every month.
23. Establish a savings account with at least 3 months of income.
24. Only eat fast food or at restaurants once a week.
25. Spend at least one hour of quality time with each other a night.
26. Go on monthly “date nights.”
27. Get pregnant.
28. Once a month, do something with Dwaine that he wants to do and have Dwaine do something with me that I want to do.
29. Go on a really nice vacation (just the two of us) at least once before we have kids.
30. Send out Christmas Cards by December 10th every year. (2/3)
31. Vacuum at least once a week.
32. Make a chore file that organizes what chores need to be done when.

33. Decorate office or convert it to a bedroom.
34. Plant a fruit/vegetable garden.
35. Make our bed every day for a month. (0/30)
36. Make a way to tell parents the good things about their children, not just the bad.
37. Blog daily for 60 days. (4/60)
38. Eat breakfast every day for 30 days. (30/30)
39. Lose weight in a healthy way and then maintain the weight.
40. Go on one amazing vacation.
41. Landscape the yard.
42. Fence in the backyard.
43. Go on a cruise.
44. Purchase new living room furniture.
45. Put in new hardwood floors.
46. Be a foster parent.
47. Organize the cabinets.
48. Add at least 10 new recipes to my collection.
49. Start using natural cleaners.
50. Document our life in pictures,
51. Scrapbook!
52. Start using Dave Ramsey's financial plan.
53. Get my LCSW.
54. Go to a St. Louis Cardinals game.
55. Go to an IU game (9/02/2010)
56. Send a secret to Post Secret
57. Call my sister. I called, but she would accept my call!
58. Try 10 new restaurants (10/10)
59. Organize all the rooms in our home (7/7).
60. Limit daily computer time to two hours per day for a minimum of 60 days (60/60).
61. Private (3/30)
62. Private (0/30)
63. Private (0/30)
64. Take over complete care for animals inside the home.
65. Start each day at work with smile for at least 45 days (45/45).
66. Decorate for every major holiday for a complete year.
67. Send out "just because" cards.
68. Pay off all debt except house.
69. Buy a picture or artwork to put above the sofa in the living room.
70. Clean out my car once a month
71. Enlarge/duplicate wedding pictures.
72. Stop drinking soda at work
73. Stop ordering soda at restaurants.
74. Stay at the French Lick dome at Christmas
75. Host a game night.
76. Visit 5 US States that I have never been to before.
77. Go on a bike ride with my husband.
78. Fly a kite on a beach.
79. Buy curtains for living room.
80. Purchase new bedding for master bedroom.
81. Lose 150 pounds.
82. Purchase bunkbeds for one of the spare bedrooms to foster children.
83. Make a complete address book.
84. Switch to reusable grocery bags.
85. Get a pedicure.
86. Color coordinate my closet.
87. Post at least sixty positive quotes or bible verses
88. Make a high energy playlist
89. Make and keep a journal for 365 days reflecting on the days positives (3/365)
90. Make a stellar resume.
91. Get our pictures taken again.
92. Build a sandcastle.
93. Make a bucket list.
94. Go 24 hours without cell phone, Internet, and television.
95. Bungee Jump!
96. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
97. Go to an Indianapolis Colts game.
98. Go on a horseback ride.
99. Come up with another 101 in 1001 when this one ends.
100. Put this on the blog so I can be accountable.
101. Donate $10 to charity for every item I don’t complete at the end of 1001 days.

Italics= in progress
Strikethrough = finished
Bold, colored writing = never accomplished or can't accomplish