Sunday, November 13, 2011

Opinions please

Now that I finally have a full time job that pays well, we are starting to attack our bills again. Here's the question, though: how do y'all keep your bills organized? Do you do an excel spreadsheet, file them, stack up in a pile!? We are trying to figure out what others are doing because our way isn't working.

On a positive note, I got a call today from the training department at my new company and they're having all out meals for the next two weeks catered. So thankfully I don't have to pay anything out of pocket for food! Praise God! I am packing a few snacks and my faithful vitamin water and pomegranate juice, though. Yum!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A new adventure awaits

God has been amazing and faithful to me. Much more than I ever deserve. I was offered and accepted a new position for a residential therapist position this week. The benefits and pay are better than I have ever received. I start on Monday, November 14 in Lexington KY for an academy of training for child welfare workers. I will be there for two weeks. I will drive down on Sunday afternoon and come home late Friday night. My only fear for starting this job are the expenses associated with the academy. They will pay for my hotel accommodations, but I will be responsible to pay for all my gasoline and food expenses. Luckily they will reimburse me. If anyone has any ideas on how to eat out for 6 days reasonably cheap, I'd love to know. The Monday following Thanksgiving I will start at my office, which is luckily only a little over an hour from my house.

I have also decided to keep my other job as it is only PRN. I will be able to continue to do on call for the weekends and pick up an occasional day since my new job is flexible. The extra $150-$300 I'll get from my extra PRN job will help with bills and debt. I'm so excited about this opportunity and just continue to praise my great God!