Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Night Chit chat

Joining in on the chit chat from


The only thing I've been reading is the LCSW study guide and my bible. I'm oh so boring!


Facing the Giants in anticipation of the Super Bowl!!

Listening to?

Just got the new Newsong cd at the winter jam concert and it's been on repeat in my car.


Just finished a spinach/artichoke dip for my church's Super Bowl party.

Happy you accomplished this week?

Staying under budget!

Looking forward to next week?

The art of marriage conference and our church's valentine banquet.

Thankful for today?

This beautiful sunshiny day!


  1. The dip sounds wonderful!! Have a great time! I love that your Church is having a Superbowl party!! :)

  2. spinach & artichoke dip sounds really good! could you post the recipe?