Saturday, December 31, 2011


1. Use my gym membership. Go to the gym at least 4 days a week.
2. Stick to my diet of no more than 1700 calories per day.
3. Lose at least 79 pounds this year.

1. Pay all bills on time.
2. Pay off GCX Leasing, Capital One credit card, my car, and all collector bills.
3. Re-establish emergency fund.
4. Stick to monthly budget.

1. Take vacation days.
2. Take and pass LCSW test.
3. Learn required theory of practice for abuse victims.
4. Get at least 10 CEUs.

1. Read bible cover to cover again.
2. Spend daily time in prayer and reading the bible.
3. Attend church every Sunday.
4. Tithe

1. Blog at least twice a week.
2. Make at least an extra $150 this year without working.
3. Organize my home.
4. Organize my life.

1. Pray together nightly
2. Go to at least one marriage retreat.
3. Use kinder words.
4. Tell him what I love about him more often.