Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and write a short recap of 2011.

Rang in the new year at church and really enjoyed it for the first time. My hubby and I started to work out and eat right for the first time ever. We spent every night in the gym and hated every minute of it. Lost 30 pounds each.

Continued to eat right and work out daily. Began loving the gym. Continued the weight loss journey. Lost 12 pounds. Celebrated Valentine's Day with a splurged meal out at the Nagaski Inn...mmm sushi.

Argued over college basketball with co-workers. Switched jobs within my company (inpatient therapist to a clinical director). New job caused us to slack off on gym...went about 3-4 times a week. Lost 7 pounds.

My new position became hectic. Lost a co-worker causing my workload to double. Barely made it to the gym. Lost 2 pounds.

Allowed a family to move into our home. Work became even crazier. Stopped going to the gym. Gained 2 pounds. Started couponing.

Maxed out credit cards. Planned a trip to the Smokey Mountains. Barely saw my husband due to craziness at job.

Went to the Mountains July 1-5. My hubby lost his job July 6 and I lost mine July 9. Looked at all my debt and cried. Hard. Started a debt blog. Had my first ever yard sale. Started emergency fund and had it to $1,300. Hubby started new job July 24 and a July 25. I struggled to find a job and could not get one. Cancelled our gym membership.

Hubby continued working two full-time jobs. I barely seen him. I contracted meningitis and was sick for almost 3 weeks. My prescriptions were not covered through insurance. My hubby ate out for 3 weeks. Our emergency fund was gone :( Had several interviews after my illness. New nephew was born.

Started a PRN job that was full time throughout the month. Hubby worked 2 full time jobs the first two weeks of Sept and quit the third shift job. Our two cars were broken into as was our home. Began extreme couponing.

My full-time job went to PRN. Began looking for a true full time job. Continued extreme couponing. Hubby continued working one full time job with many hours of overtime. Interviewed for two therapist positions.

Landed a chief clinician position. Realized that we need to move from Indiana to Kentucky. Developed plan to move to Kentucky when bills are more under control. Quit PRN job. Left for 2 weeks of training for new job.

Learning my new job. Found out hubby maxed out credit card again. Paid less on Christmas this year than ever before, but had more gifts than ever thanks to extreme couponing. Refinanced our home to a MUCH LOWER RATE! Paid extra on my car payment. Paid for gym membership again and just now realized we haven't used it yet again. Lost a total of 52.1 pounds this year.


  1. 52.1 pounds is a great start, now how to get your husband to quit using the cc? Good luck in the new year.

  2. Thanks you too! I just simply took the card away. I need to cut it up, but am scared to without a fully funded emergency fund.

  3. thats a great summary and congrats on such a wonderful weight loss! It's seems that things are turning around for you financially and on the job front, all the best for the year ahead!