Thursday, November 3, 2011

A new adventure awaits

God has been amazing and faithful to me. Much more than I ever deserve. I was offered and accepted a new position for a residential therapist position this week. The benefits and pay are better than I have ever received. I start on Monday, November 14 in Lexington KY for an academy of training for child welfare workers. I will be there for two weeks. I will drive down on Sunday afternoon and come home late Friday night. My only fear for starting this job are the expenses associated with the academy. They will pay for my hotel accommodations, but I will be responsible to pay for all my gasoline and food expenses. Luckily they will reimburse me. If anyone has any ideas on how to eat out for 6 days reasonably cheap, I'd love to know. The Monday following Thanksgiving I will start at my office, which is luckily only a little over an hour from my house.

I have also decided to keep my other job as it is only PRN. I will be able to continue to do on call for the weekends and pick up an occasional day since my new job is flexible. The extra $150-$300 I'll get from my extra PRN job will help with bills and debt. I'm so excited about this opportunity and just continue to praise my great God!


  1. Congratulations! Don't work to hard. Like I should talk.

  2. thats great! It sounds like a good training to do, it would be interesting work.
    when I stay in motels for work I usually stay where a continental breakfast is included. Have a nice big brekky and save a few pieces of fruit and a bread roll to eat for lunch if you can.

    enjoy yourself!

  3. This is fantastic news! Enjoy and be thankful!

    When I travel, I live off of cheap protein like hummus, and veggies. Most hotels will have a small fridge somewhere in the room. You can keep cereal and milk for breakfast if there isn't a continental breakfast, and bring stuff for sandwiches, veggies/dip, and other DIY food to avoid eating out!

    Good luck!

  4. YAY! Congratulations on the new position!!!!!

    Eating away from home can be difficult. Take a cooler with you and pre-make some of your items. Cereal and Instant Oatmeal requiring nothing more than hot water or milk is a great way to save money. Like others have said, lots of veggies and fruit to keep you going, Peanut Butter and Bread is great too. Hummus, always a favourite.

    You can do this!!